Augmented Waffles are an on-going study in three-dimensionality of woven textiles, and their capacity to ‘hold’ pockets of space.

The textile’s third dimension which is depth (z), occurs as a by-product of interlacing lines on two axes – horizontal and vertical (x, y). It is impossible to control the magnitude of this z-variable directly, but only through manipulation of the x-y relationship.

The pursuit of this elusive depth is the motivation for these studies.

The Weaverly Way II, 2023
Photo: Fabian Ong

The site-specific installation employs a weaver's approach to conceptualising and building sculpture. Its exaggerated relief reveals the often hidden depth within woven materials. Structured yet pliable, the gently twisting column stands at the center of a spiral staircase at citizenM Bankside. The piece was produced in collaboration with British heritage silk mill Gainsborough Weaving, and presented at London Craft Week 2020.

Supported by DesignSingapore Council.
Hosted by citizenM Bankside.
The Weaverly Way, 2020

Natural Colour, 2023
For The Macallan House at Raffles Hotel Singapore

A technical exploration of the waffle weave structure, that breaks out of the standard grid. The introduction of irregularity in repeats bring softer curves and rhythm.

The site-specific textile art installation was created for The Macallan House, in response to the curved copper walls of the interior space, designed by Jamie Fobert Architects. The colours reflect the natural colours of The Macallan’s whiskys, which are a result of their seasoned oak casks.

Installation view
Photo: Fabian Ong

Other structural augmentations

JW Orchid, 2022. WeWork at 21 Collyer Quay, Singapore

JW series, 2019

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