An exploration of the relationship between line and space, and our visceral experience of the two. How does a line change the way we feel and see space? The minimal material nudges the thresholds of our senses – lines at the threshold of visibility, and woven textiles at the threshold of ‘surface’.

In a 2023 solo show at Art Outreach, these thoughts are expressed in the form of a floor-to-ceiling installation of lines, as well as process pieces that led to it.

Lines in Room, 2023. Site-specific installation in solo show at Art Outreach Singapore
Photo: Fabian Ong

Lines in Space, 2023. Exhibition view of solo show at Art Outreach Singapore
Photo: Fabian Ong

The act of weaving – constructing surfaces from lines held in tension, is a constant negotiation between weaver and line. Especially in the context of extremely open weave structures, the lines find their own equilibrium within the woven structure, after the weaver’s intervention.

The technical challenge of keeping the structures strong and stable while loosely woven was a source of motivation for the central installation.
Investigations in space within textile
Investigations in space within textile

Weaving involves filling a space with lines, interlaced to from a surface.

This line-surface-space relationship shifts when the gaps between the lines (within the surface) are expanded to a point where the surface disappears. 

In this state, the space becomes a volume that has been subdivided by a network of lines.
Earlier Work
U2S5, 2019

loose weave textileU2S2, 2019
woven textile installationU2S5, 2019. Installation view

textile sculptureU4S2.2, 2019

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