Expanding Rectangles

The rectangle is the only shape a weaving loom can produce. Is this a restriction, or a starting point for unlimited expansion? If a hand-woven rectangle can be expanded to become a tube, how will this three-dimensional form relate back to the physical body of the weaver? How is the analog weaving loom relevant in today’s world of automated industrial looms? The hand-operated nature of the process allows us to manipulate the yarn to a greater degree - to almost “sculpt” the fabric into a three-dimensional form.

The orientation of the pieces is ambiguous, just as the way the pure form of the rectangle can represent countless different things. The yarn colours reflect the weaving process - they show the points of transition where there is a split or a merge in the fabric, or a criss-crossing of fabric layers.

Material: Alpaca Silk

Exhibition details:
Venue: Supernormal gallery
Exhibition period: 30 September - 15 October 2017

Group Exhibition:
DESIGNART Tokyo 2019
Venue: World Kitaaoyama Building
Exhibition period: 18 - 27 October 2019
Installation views at Supernormal gallery
Photos: Studio Periphery


Early experiments

Exhibition at Designart Tokyo 2019 with Design Pier
Photo: Design Pier

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